The sky was inky black, full of stars and I was walking on dry earth. 

Soon I was standing on a rocky desert cliff with a few people around me. I moved forward towards the edge, seemingly without walking, and peered down. 

Thousands of feet below me I saw the Kaaba…the scene seemed to magnify dizzyingly as I looked down. Hundreds of people moved around the huge black cube. Each of them in their own world, each making dua to Allah. It was as if I had eagle eyes and could focus on each one and yet all at the same time. 

“O Allah please help me… “, a woman’s face floated up. “O Allah give me…”, another’s face floated up. Until the sky was full of faces, the din of thousands of voices around me until they all seemed like one voice. All the voices separate but together, praising their Lord, rising up straight to the Heavens. 

I looked up at the sky and moved back from the edge. The scene disappeared slowly. I opened my eyes to see my own room. The tears fell…what beautiful vision was this?